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Keep Windows Clear With These Tips

How often you clean your windows depends on your environment, the

weather outside, and if you have pets and children! That said, the general rule is to clean your windows inside, twice a year.

If your windows are not always in the shade, the best time to clean them is on a cloudy day, as direct sunlight will cause streaking. If you have many windows, then divide the work over several days.

Essential Tools For Window Cleaning

You'll want to have 2 buckets, a sponge, a good rubber squeegee, two lint-free cloths, and a reliable cleaning solution of your choice. Optional: ladder.


1. Get curtains out of the way and begin cleaning windows from the top, down.

2. Apply the cleaning solution with the sponge, Wipe across with the damp squeegee blade, and wipe the blade dry.

3. Next, follow with a rinse of clean water with one of the cloths

4. Polish with a dry cloth.

Oxford Janitorial offers professional window cleaning services for your business and office spaces. If your job requires a professional, we're experienced, and happy to do the work for you.

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